Wellness Tours

Wellness is usually associated with health by mankind. But only a small percentage of people can differentiate between a state of being healthy and that of wellness. Essentially, the term wellness has been described as the active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a fulfilling life. People often take wellness tours in order to discover their inner peace and consciousness achieve balance in life and gain wisdom of general well-being.

Indo Asia organizes spa and wellness tours that not just help you relax and relive stress but also work across a system of healing.Our tours let you get involved in revitalizingexperiences in the most outlandish locales across the Indian subcontinent. With growing demand of rejuvenation centres, India is becoming one of the most popular places for medical tourism. Wellness tours usually revolve around Ayurveda, spas and yoga practice. These ancient sciences help us to connect to our inner self and play an exceedingly harmonizing role in rejuvenation, spiritual fruition and the upkeep of physical strength. The most desired locations in India for wellness tours include:

Located on the banks of the Holy Ganga, and surrounded by mountains and lush green forests, Rishikesh,is paradise in you are looking for calm and serenity. In terms of relaxation, the town also offers river rafting and other water sports. Yoga lessons are highly beneficial to the body as well as the mind. Yoga tours work as great stress busters.

The Ganges is symbolic of peace and so are its banks. SivanandaKutir in Uttarkasi, is a pious spot for one to find time to reflect.

Talking of wellness and Ayurveda, the best that one can suggest is a trip to Kerala. Ayurveda and ayurvedic spas are performed like a ritual in this state. One of the favourite spots for medical tourism, spas and Ayurvediccentres in Kerala offer treatments like naturopathy for your specific needs. What more? If you think you're too healthy for treatments, you can treat yourself to some great massages and spas.

This state is not just about the pomp and show and the parties. Goa is also home to some of the most wonderfulyoga schools in the country. Home to a lot of foreigners, Yoga centres in Goa, offer short term courses that give long term health benefits. There are a number of beaches in Goa which are far less crowded and touristy. Yoga camps are usually set up around these tranquil places. South Goa is an upcoming location in this regard.

Our custom-made trips and wellness tours aren't just for patients. Wellness tourism isn't really synonymous to medical tourism. We help our travelers discover inner peace and calm on our journey with us. These tours are all about reenergizing and rejuvenation. Such experiences provided by IndoAsia help our tourists to relive their stress and provide direction to their positive energy. You choose the location, you choose the activity, we at IndoAsia only make the perfect plan for you!